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Waterproof Cast Covers

Having a cast can be quite inconvenient, often stopping you from doing your normal day to day routines, like showering or activities like swimming. Betterlife provide a variety of waterproof cast covers.

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KeepU-Dri Reusable Cast Protector

KeepU-Dri Reusable Cast Protector

Keep-U-Dri effectively protects bandages and plaster casts when taking a shower, while bathing and swimming in the pool or sea. Keep-U-Dri is not bulky or restrictive enabling users to perform everyday tasks with ease. Due to its clear...
Price: £12.40
Betterlife ProSeal Waterproof Cast Protector

Betterlife ProSeal Waterproof Cast Protector

These comfortable waterproof protectors simply slip over the cast or dressing on either the lower leg or arm to protect them when taking a bath or shower. The cast protectors are re-usable and are intended for single patient use only....
RRP Price: £19.99
Price: £14.99

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