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Hearing Aids and Listening Devices

We provide a wide range of hearing aids and listening devices for those hard of hearing, The wireless TV amplifying headsets make listening to the television easier for the user and can be adapted to listen to the TV without disrupting other household members viewing. View our range of neck loops and medically approved hearing aids and see Betterlife can help you

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Extra Small Medically Approved Hearing Aid

Extra Small Medically Approved Hearing Aid

This low cost hearing aid now with tone adjustment to help with all different types of hearing loss. The tiny lightweight and comfortable to wear device hides just behind the ear and helps with hearing of the slightest whisper in or...
Price: £28.69
Beurer snore Stopper

Beurer snore Stopper

Product dimensions - 50 x 10 x 60 mmWeight - approx. 13,3 g  Gentle snore therapy for light and heavy snorers To reduce snoring for a good night sleep Innovative snore detection as it extracts the user's snoring  voice and...
Price: £129.99


The LoopHEAR is a portable unit designed for facilitating communication between a speaker and wear of T-coil hearing aids. The LoopHEAR is ideal for one to one applications such as at service counters, railway stations, banks, in vehicles...
Price: £149.00

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