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Long Handled Sponges & Washers

Long handled sponges are designed for people with limited mobility to reach their body with minimum strain. The long handle design makes those hard to reach places easier to wash safely and comfortably. Below are some great products to assist with washing.

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Betterlife Long Bath Sponge

Betterlife Long Bath Sponge

Another addition to the Betterlife range this angled plastic handle is designed to help in reaching and cleaning your hard to reach areas. Specification Total Length: 575mm Handle Length: 425mm Weight: 78g
Price: £2.69
Betterlife Long Handled Lotion Applicator

Betterlife Long Handled Lotion Applicator

This lotion applicator features an extra long handle for easier use and to limit stretching. Its therapeutic design contains 19 roller balls that evenly apply lotion and provide a massaging action. The applicator head can be filled with...
RRP Price: £12.99
Price: £9.99
Deluxe Long Handle Sponge Range

Deluxe Long Handle Sponge Range

Standard SpongeThis long handled sponge is ideal if you suffer from a bad back, stiff joints or are a mum-to-be. You can bend the handle into a curve, to help reach those really awkward places that you sometimes just can't reach. Buff...
Price: £11.49
Etac Beauty & Hair Washers

Etac Beauty & Hair Washers

The shape of the body and back washers makes effective use of the power of the shoulders, arms and hands. The ergonomic design makes it easier to get at all parts of the body including the back. It has a removable wash cloth in a...
Price: £17.09

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