Shower Trolleys

We recommend a shower trolley when showering and bathing patients with mobility issues. The trolley is designed to minimise the risks of accidents for the patient and the carer as it requires fewer transfers. Shower trolleys can also be adjusted to a convenient size to suit the carer avoiding excessive stretching and leaning. 

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Shower Trolley

Shower Trolley

This range of shower trolleys with a hose attached at foot end of trolley to allow water to drain is designed to allow washing or showering of patients in a supine position. Mobile and easy to manoeuvre, it makes transferring a...
Prices from: £3539.00
Harvest Adjustable Hydraulic 'Bed Bath' Trolley

Harvest Adjustable Hydraulic 'Bed Bath' Trolley

The Harvest Adjustable Hydraulic 'Bed Bath' Trolley has a drainage outlet with bung and drain tube that clips under the bed base for maximum hygiene and watertight handles at head and foot ends. For the convenience of hospital use, all four...
Price: £3539.00

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