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Transfer & Glide Sheets

Slide sheets are the perfect choice to accompany a patient during a hospital visit, with some of our slide sheets disposable. The uni slide sheets prevent patients sliding down a chair or a bed.  Slide sheets are made with excellent quality and low friction materials which make transferring and moving a patient easier. We offer a variety of slide sheets and accessories that will suit your every need, including slide sheets with various handholds to facilitate grip and different sizes to fit the patient.

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Transtex PS Disposable Tubular Slide Sheets

Transtex PS Disposable Tubular Slide Sheets

The Transtex PS Disposable Tubular Slide Sheets are produced from Transtex low friction silicon coated nylon 60gsm so are not suitable for laundering. They are designed to accompany the patient during their stay in hospital and be disposed...
Price: £8.99
Uni Slides

Uni Slides

These Uni-Slides are available in two sizes and in 3 different options, Standard, Quilted and Quilted flat. The Slides prevent patients from sliding down in a chair or bed. The Uni-Slide allows a one directional slide, back into a chair or...
Price: £58.99
Lateral Transfer Slide

Lateral Transfer Slide

Lateral Transfer SlideThe Lateral Transfer Slide has a smooth surface & non slip base allowing a patient to be moved from one surface to another without the need to be lifted. Used in conjunction with the Transfer Sheet correct posture...
Price: £229.00

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