Betterlife Personal Care Alarm

The Betterlife from LloydsPharmacy Personal Care Alarm provides reassurance that help is on hand 24 hours a day from our response centre by simply pressing a button.

Our service, provided in association with BT, helps give you the freedom to live independently in your own home. It also leaves your friends and family safe in the knowledge that if assistance is needed they will be quickly contacted by the team at our fully accredited response centre and is compatible with any land line provider.

 This makes it an ideal solution for all types of situations whether:

  • You value your independence and simply want reassurance that help is there whenever you may need it
  • You sometimes just feel a little unsteady on your feet
  • You have a more serious medical condition or health concern

How much does the Personal Care Alarm Service cost?

At less than 45p a day, the Betterlife from LloydsPharmacy Personal Care Alarm offers reassurance and great value*.

The starter pack is £29.99. It includes the Personal Care Alarm box, mobile alarm, plus your first month’s subscription. After this it costs £11.99 per month for a minimum of 12 months. Monthly payments are then collected by Direct Debit which is set up during subscription using the online registration portal.

There are no hidden installation fees. Everything you need to set up your Personal Care Alarm is provided in the starter pack.

*This is based on the 12 monthly payments of £11.99



How does the Personal Care Alarm service work?


 photo bt1_zpsojbhgjqs.jpg

Step 1

Pressing the button alerts our 24 hour Alarm Monitoring Centre that assistance is needed

 photo bt1_zpsojbhgjqs.jpg

Step 2

Our Alarm Monitoring Centre will attempt to talk to you using the loudspeaker in the base unit to find out what’s wrong

 photo bt1_zpsojbhgjqs.jpg

Step 3

If you cannot answer, we will alert one of your emergency contacts. An emergency contact is a person who lives within 20 minutes of you and has your permission to enter your home

 photo bt1_zpsojbhgjqs.jpg

Step 4

If an emergency contact cannot be reached, or if the situation requires it, we will contact the emergency services



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Price (with VAT Relief):
Code Catalogue Code RRP Priceinc VAT Delivery
PO1 879-3802 £49.99 £29.99 Next Day Delivery

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