Betterlife Sacroiliac Belt

Muscle and bone injuries can happen at any time. Prevention is the best cure and a support belt can help a lot, but even after injury, movement is good for your back. A belt will help you stabilise hips and pelvis as well as effectively supporting the lower spine.



  • Additional stabilisation of sacrom
  • Added pelvic support
  • Aids injury prevention
  • Re-establishes the joints natural movement
  • May be used for longer periods than the traditionally larger sacro lumbar supports, allowing the supporting muscles of the joint to function normally, thereby reducing the likelihood of disuse atrophy.



  • Small: 24-30"
  • Medium: 31-36"
  • Large: 37-42"
  • X Large: 42-48"
Code Size Options Optional Accessories Priceinc VAT Buy Delivery
BS306 Medium - £29.89*
Next Day Delivery
BS334 Large - £29.89*
Next Day Delivery
BS378 Small - £29.89*
Next Day Delivery
* This price has compulsory VAT included

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