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ColourMouse Magnifying Glass

Price (with VAT Relief):
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VT73 Standard £202.80 ORDER BY PHONE

Unlike the MonoMouse range, this new ColourMouse magnifies any text in true colour on the television. The other option in this range is the ColourMouse with reverse option which makes viewing easier on the eyes for people with acute light sensitivity. This option allows users to view the image with white text over a black background, or black text on a white background.


Perfect for reading newspapers, magazines, books, prescription bottles, cooking instructions, food labels, bills, statements and much more.



  • Compatible with any TV using video input
  • See anything in true full colour
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • 24x Magnification on a 20” TV: (High) though suitable for all TV sizes
  • SCART connection with Auto-detect (Europe)
  • RCA connection (USA & rest of world)
  • 6-9 feet of easy store cable
  • Durable, CE approved, built to last


How It Works

  • Simply plug the ColourMouse into any regular television, connect the power and press the large blue button
  • Your television will change to the correct chanel automatically on European models. For the USA and rest of the world just press your remote control "Video" button
  • Hold the ColourMouse in your hand, just like a tennis ball or computer mouse, and whatever you move your hand over appears magnified on your television

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