Deluxe Crook Handle Walking Stick

These folding walking sticks are easily folded away to go into any bag yet are extremely strong and robust. They fold up easily and can be stored in the plastic wallet provided when not in use. A deluxe walking stick at an unbelievably low price. 



  • Comfortable contour grip
  • Handle height adjusts from 32" to 37"
  • Adjustable in height in 1" increments
  • 4 folding sections snap out like a snake
  • Anodized aluminium shaft
  • Rubber Tipper



  • Weight:  400g


Optional Accessories


Economy Walking Stick Clip
This value for money walking stick clip grasps the stick, allowing it to be balanced on the edge of a table or worktop. It can also be used underneath the table or worktop to wedge the stick upright.


Leather Wrist Strap
The leather handle attaches to the stick with a hook and loop strap, it saves putting down or dropping the stick when using your hand e.g when shopping. The strap is 6.75” in length and weighs just 30g.


Nylon Wrist Strap

This Nylon Stick Strap features an elasticated hoop which allows for easy and secure fitting, and is suitable for all sticks.

Code Catalogue Code Option Optional Accessories RRP Priceinc VAT Pricewith VAT Relief Buy Delivery
WM152 818-6827 - Nylon Stick Strap - £2.99 £2.49
Next Day Delivery
WM150 - - Walking Stick Clip - £6.30 £5.25
Next Day Delivery
WM264 822-9577 Stick - £24.99 £20.63 £17.19
Next Day Delivery

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