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Unforgettable Easy Eating Kit

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Combining fresh design with intelligent function, the Keep Warm mug, lid, plate and bowl are ideal for those in the mid and late stages of dementia, who may be bedbound or need more support when eating.

Often as dementia develops, eating can become trickier, as your loved one struggles with challenges such as dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), deterioration in eyesight and co-ordination problems. This kit can help tackle some of these challenges.


The Two Handled Mug

Has some fantastic features; first is, of course, the to handles which allows the user to maintain independence for as long as possible. Second is a true innovation in design although the outside appears to be in the standard mug shape internally the mug is shaped like a cone, meaning that the user doesn't have to tip their head all the way back to get any fluid, making it so simple for people with motor skill problems.

The Plate  

Features a sloped base which means all the food collects at one side making it easier to scoop and get access to also it has a protruding lip to catch any stray items which get away from you.

The Bowl  

Allows with its keep warm design, allows people who struggle eating can enjoy food at the correct temperature. The bowl features an internal reservoir which can be filled with hot water, cold water or even crushed ice to maintain the temperature of the food at hot or cold. Which is an ingenious in its simplicity as it allows for people to not become frustrated with meal time and maintain a feeling of self worth?

All of the items include a non-slip ring on the base preventing things sliding around and everything is dishwasher safe.

How the Unforgettable Easy Eating Kit will help you

  • Reduce the risk of dehydration by making drinking easier
  • Maintains independence for longer
  • The keep warm design allows for a stress-free mealtime
  • Promotes ease of use bringing enjoyment to meal time

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