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High Vision Reading Lamps

The High Vision Reading Lamps are specially designed lamps, using near daylight bulbs, which allows you to read and concentrate for longer, helping to relieve eyestrain and headaches. Also, they are great for hobbies or close work and are helpful for the elderly or anyone with limited vision. The flexible arm adjusts the angle and makes sure that the light always shines at the correct height and from the correct direction.



  • Introduces near daylight into your home or office
  • Table or Floor lamp available
  • Supplied with 27w near daylight low flicker bulb
  • Colour rending index of 82 giving better colour reproduction and glare free reading
  • Mains powered and fitted with plug to CE standards
  • Attractive stylish and available as a table or floor lamp
  • The bulb is energy efficient and lasts up to 8000 hours
  • Plastic stand and base with flexible arm for easy adjustment
  • High frequency 40000hz transformer resulting in constant light reducing eye strain, cost savings through increased light output efficiency and extended tube life to 8000 hours



  • Floor Lamp Height: 122cm (48")
  • Length Of Lead: 180cm (70")


Code Catalogue Code Option Colour Optional Accessories Priceinc VAT Buy Delivery
HH1007 612-1024 - - Replacement Bulbs £9.49*
Next Day Delivery
HH1183 700-4334 Table Black - £22.90*
Next Day Delivery
HH1184 700-3962 Floor Black - £34.00*
Next Day Delivery
* This price has compulsory VAT included

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