LilForm Classic Large Shaped Pads

Moderate to Severe Incontinence.


The LilForm Classic Shaped Pads are an effective solution for managing moderate to severe incontinence. They are soft, comfortable and offer a range of absorbancies. The LilForm Classic Shaped Pads are to be used with LilFix Mesh Pants, Panty Slips, Boxers or close fitting underwear.



  • Unisex Design: Suitable for both men and women
  • More Absorbency: Double absorbent core in the centre of the pad to optimise absorbency level
  • Wetness Indicator: The wetness indicator will turn blue in contact with urine and indicates when the pad should be changed for maximum comfort
  • No Leakage: Hydrophobic leg cuffs prevent sideways leakage
  • Odour Control: New generation super absorbent polymer, maximizes the absorbency level and neutralises odours



Available in the following levels of absorbency:

  • Regular: 1300ml (available in bags of 25)
  • Extra: 1700ml (available in bags of 25)
  • Super: 2200ml (available in bags of 28)
  • Super Plus: 2150ml (available in bags of 28)


Pantyslip's are available in the following sizes:

(Men's size = waist, Women's = hips)

  • Small: 50 - 75cm
  • Medium: 70 - 90cm
  • Large: 85 - 110cm
  • Extra Large: 105 - 130cm
  • XXL: 110 - 140cm



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Code Catalogue Code Option Pads Per Pack Absorbency Priceinc VAT Pricewith VAT Relief Buy Delivery
HW382 - Incontinence Wipes - - £3.59 £2.99
Next Day Delivery
PH162 619-6356 XXL Supreme Fix Pantyslip (up to 200cm) 5 - £5.99 £4.99
Next Day Delivery
TO378 742-5309 Extra Large Supreme Fix Pantyslip (130-170cm) 5 - £5.99 £4.99
Next Day Delivery
TO380 742-6133 Large Supreme Fix Pantyslip (110-150cm) 5 - £5.99 £4.99
Next Day Delivery
TO382 742-6265 Medium Supreme Fix Pantyslip (80-120cm) 5 - £5.99 £4.99
Next Day Delivery
TO384 742-8279 Small Supreme Fix Pantyslip (50-80cm) 5 - £5.99 £4.99
Next Day Delivery
TO308 741-0897 Regular + 25 1300mls £11.03 £9.19
Next Day Delivery
TO298 740-7687 Extra + 25 1700mls £12.35 £10.29
Next Day Delivery
TO306 741-0525 Super + 28 2150mls £15.11 £12.59
Next Day Delivery
PH708 - Clip On Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel - - £1.79 £1.49 CALL NOW Call 0333 122 1161
to Check Availability

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