Neo-G Gel Therapy Ankle Support

The Neo-G Gel Therapy Ankle Support features a removable gel insert which can be refrigerated (do not freeze) to help reduce inflammation and swelling of muscles, tendons and ligaments. It has been designed to provide support and produce graduated compression during rest and movement.


Compression around the ankle helps reduce oedema which can accelerate rehabilitation. The support can also be used for acute strains and sprains to reduce pain with weight bearing whilst the firm compression helps minimize swelling and bruising following injury and trauma.


Ideal for helping to relieve and support the following conditions:

(Please seek medical consultancy for severe or persistent injuries)

Chronic repetitive strain injuries

  • Arthritic pain
  • Inversion and eversion injuries
  • Joint instability



  • Size: Universal


Code Option Pad Option Optional Accessories Priceinc VAT Buy Delivery
OP1050 Left Gel Pad - £35.99*Clearance PriceWas £40
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OP1079 Right Gel Pad - £35.99*Clearance PriceWas £40
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HW415 - - Dynamint Muscle Cream £9.95*
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