Neo-G Massaging Back Support

This Massaging Back Support has been designed to help reduce unwanted or excessive movements in the lower back area, making it ideal for those who suffer from chronic back ache due to repetitive sporting or occupational activities.

The variable compression ensures a close, comfortable fit and the removable massage insert applies a soothing lumbar massage as you move around, stimulating tissue repair and helping reduce spasm. Also made from heat therapeutic neoprene which can help to increase blood circulation also to encourage healing.



  • Designed to help reduce unwanted or excessive movements in the lower back
  • Adjustable design allows you to customize the fitting and compression level to suit you individual needs
  • Made from heat therapeutic neoprene to help increase blood flow
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Removable massage insert
  • Built-in metal stays and power strap provide additional support


Ideal for helping to relieve and support the following conditions:
(Please seek medical consultancy for severe or persistent injuries)

  • Reducing inflammation in acute back injuries
  • Easing muscular spasm in the lower back
  • Stabilising movements during sports or occupational activities
  • Sciatic pain



  • Size: Universal
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