Putnam Pillow

Relax with the Putnam Pillow - no more sleepless nights, the end of stiff necks in the morning. The Putnam pillow cradles your head, supports your neck and correctly aligns your spine whether you sleep on your back or side. The Face Pillow is a pyramid shaped, very low pillow for people who sleep on their front.


Covered in 100% soft cotton jersey, fits into a standard pillow case and is hand washable. They are very easy to roll up and pack, making them extremely useful for travel.


The Royal: (if you sleep on one pillow)

The King:  (if you sleep on two pillows)

The Face: (If you sleep on your front)



  • Cradles head
  • Supports neck
  • Aligns spine
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PR75019 410mm 335mm Face Pillow £40.00* CALL NOW Call 0333 122 1161
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PR75015 520mm 310mm Royal £62.99*
Next Day Delivery
PR75016 580mm 335mm Kingsize £65.99*
Next Day Delivery
* This price has compulsory VAT included

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