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Unforgettable Simple Music Player

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 A common issue for people living with dementia at any stage of their journey is encroaching negative feelings, from boredom to depression. A simple and easy way to help that person engage with the world around them is Music.

This Simple Music player is designed with a person suffering from Dementia in mind at any stage of their journey. Every facet of its design has been carefully considered to make the user experience simple, easy and more to the point enjoyable. The design takes into consideration issues such as loss of dexterity, confusion and more importantly its simple interface makes it easy and non-frustrating for someone to operate.

Maintenance of the player is simple, the volume is set by carers or family members and cannot be changed accidentally. The upload procedure for the music is so simple and easy and your machine has a 4GB compacity which equates to 1000 songs. The songs are selected and downloaded via a USB link from a Windows, Apple or Linux PC, ensuring that the music your loved one most enjoys is what is playing.


  • Easy to use - lift the lid to play, use the big button to skip, close lid to stop
  • Preset reminiscence songs, easily updated and changed over a USB
  • No software to install, just drag and drop
  • 'Drag and Drop' music from your PC to your Player via USB, no software to install
  • Power requirements: Local mains supply


  • Width: 19cm (7.4")
  • Height: 11cm (4.3")
  • Lenght: 30cm (11.8")

James, the Unforgettable founder explains a little about the product and more about Unforgettable:

Designability, one of our charity partners, created this product, and people with dementia are at the heart of its design. It’s very simple to operate; just lift the lid and the music plays, close it and the music stops (a mechanism which older people might be familiar with from record players). It also allows the person with dementia to retain choice about what they listen to, which I feel is very important. Plus, it comes pre-loaded with some great jazz tunes so it’s easy to use straight away, or you can plug it in and download any music you want. I’m delighted to make this product available to a wide audience. I wish it had been around when I was caring for Mum so she didn’t have to rely on me to choose her music for her!"


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