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Unforgettable Unbreakable Glassware

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An innovation brought to you by Unforgettable, this nearly indestructible glassware is an essential addition to a home for anyone caring for or suffering from Dementia. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor consumption, as this plastic glassware is made of a virtually indestructible hi-tech plastic called Tritan.

It's vital that people with dementia stay hydrated throughout the day, especially if they struggle to remember to stop and take a drink very often. But if drinking has become difficult, especially holding or lifting cups and glasses, they may prefer to use glassware that is made of ultra-durable plastic. This way, they won't be afraid of smashing it and having to clear up broken glass.


  •  1 x Beer Glass
  •  1 x Wine Glass
  •  1 x Carafe
  •  1 x Tumbler

James, the Unforgettable founder explains a little more about Unforgettable:

"Dehydration was a problem for Mum when she stopped being able to communicate her own thirst. Keeping a glass of water, or jug, nearby can be a good way to remind the person with dementia to keep drinking, and this unbreakable glassware from Find is particularly helpful as it can be knocked over or dropped without leaving broken glass lying around to cause accidents."

“I know how hard it is to care for a loved one with dementia, My mum was diagnosed with front temporal dementia in her fifties and I cared for her for five long years. At times, I felt completely overwhelmed. Looking after her wasn't only physically and emotionally draining, it was also isolating. I often felt very lonely."



Our Founder's Video from Unforgettable on Vimeo.



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