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Unforgettable Book - A Family Guide to Dementia

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Brought to you by the specialist team at Unforgettable, this book helps those people who are caring for someone who suffers from dementia. Obviously, every journey is different but it's been created to give you a greater understanding of the condition. Quite simply put it's a great book, with straightforward easy to understand content, which is based on academic study but also more importantly on the personal experience of carers.

Created by Dementia Specialists and Carers at Unforgettable, its inception came from the knowledge and understanding of the journey that every carer and sufferer goes through, giving those who are just starting their journey a guiding light. Its purpose is to aid in all aspects of life, offering you new ideas based on experience, and just to let you know that you that you're doing well at an unthinkable job and you’re not alone.

So whether you’ve just started your journey, or already caring for someone all the essential information you need can be found in this handy book which provides you with much-needed advice.

How the Unforgettable Dementia Guide will help you

  • Discovering and managing tricky behaviour
  • Practical legal information
  • How to navigate finances
  • Providing general support on and about the daily dilemmas you might face

James, the Unforgettable founder explains a little more about Unforgettable:

“I know how hard it is to care for a loved one with dementia, My mum was diagnosed with front temporal dementia in her fifties and I cared for her for five long years. At times, I felt completely overwhelmed. Looking after her wasn't only physically and emotionally draining, it was also isolating. I often felt very lonely."

"However, having spoken to hundreds of people since then I realise I wasn't alone at all. Not only do we all experience the same kind of feelings - namely fear, guilt, worry, exhaustion and sadness - we also experience many of the same practical challenges too. That's why I founded Unforgettable and why we've compiled this book for anyone affected by dementia - carers, family members or friends.”

Our Founder's Video from Unforgettable on Vimeo.



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