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Unforgettable Personal Alarm & GPS Tracker

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Safety in its simplest form with The New Unforgettable Personal Alarm and GPS Tracker. An all too real problem for people who are living with dementia is getting lost, this can be a worry not only for them but for their families and for their carers also. That's why this handy device is perfect as it not only enables freedom it also helps to make things a little less worrisome.

It features a personal alarm with two-way calling, meaning that you are contactable at any time. You can talk to your emergency contacts just by pressing the SOS alarm button. You can also receive calls from carers, families or friends.

A very handy feature, which purely is to provide peace of mind for your friends and family is the ability to monitor your location anytime and set-up specific location alerts.

The fall detection motion sensor in the device will automatically inform your emergency contacts, even if you are incapacitated.

How the Unforgettable Personal Alarm & GPS Tracker will help you

  • Helping restore feeling of confidence and self by giving you independence
  • A safety net for you and your family, with that extra way of communication
  • Aids in many situations
  • A great addition to anyone who sufferer of dementia



  • Geo-fences (safe zones) triggering a text message when the device moves into, or leaves a designated area. These can be from 150m in diameter up to many kilometers.
  • Attach to key rings or a lanyard to help make it part of everyday
  • Up to 8 days of battery life on standby
  • Easy charging with a specially designed charging dock
  • Easy to setup with user manuals, FAQs and support to make it as simple as it should be
  • Can be setup to suit your needs. You don't have to use every function.
  • Waterproof against showers and rain
  • Small and light at 61 x 43 x 16mm and only 35 grams - lighter than 2 AA batteries

James, the Unforgettable founder explains a little more about Unforgettable:

You can’t be with your loved one every minute of the day and GPS trackers are an increasingly popular way of making sure they’re safe. So I’m proud to be able to offer our customers Unforgettable’s Personal Alarm & GPS Tracker. This clever three-in-one tracker is simple to operate and competitively priced. It has a personal alarm with two-way calling, which means your loved one can simply press the SOS alarm button if they need you and you’ll receive an immediate text. Then, since it’s also a mobile phone, you can call them straight back and speak to them. If you’re concerned about them getting lost or going missing, the GPS tracker will help you find them by giving you a google map link to their exact location. And if all that isn’t enough, this stylish and discreet device also has a motion sensor which will alert you if they fall. Overall, I hope you’ll agree this is a nifty little gadget which offers peace of mind for you – and independence for your loved one - at a very reasonable price"

"However, having spoken to hundreds of people since then I realise I wasn't alone at all. Not only do we all experience the same kind of feelings - namely fear, guilt, worry, exhaustion and sadness - we also experience many of the same practical challenges too. That's why I founded Unforgettable and why we've compiled this book for anyone affected by dementia - carers, family members or friends.”

Our Founder's Video from Unforgettable on Vimeo.



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