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Unforgettable Ulla Drinking Reminder

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One of the leading causes of hospital admissions for people who suffer from Dementia is dehydration, which can also lead onto several other medical problems such as urinary tract infections.

The Ulla is a simple and easy aid to anyone, but to someone suffering from dementia, it is a key tool. It is also one of the easiest devices to use as it has no buttons, no settings and no app, what you see it definitely what you get.

How it works is simple, it is easily mounted to any receptacle from glass to a bottle of any size and it starts. The inbuilt sensor is programmed to flash twice every 60 mins, so 16 times every 8 hours.

How Ulla will help you

  • In the morning Ulla will detect movement through its motion sensor and light-up as a reminder to drink and fill up your bottle or mug
  • When the drink is full and placed back on a surface the hydration interval automatically starts counting again and 30-40 mins later, its time to drink
  • The light will blink on the Ulla, if you have forgotten to drink after 40 minutes, a clever trick is even if you pick the bottle up the Ulla will still count from the last drink due to its in-built tilt sensor.
  • If there is no movement detected, Ulla will power down after 2 intervals, waiting patiently for you to wake up again. When completely dark, Ulla doesn’t blink even if there are movements around
  • Ulla is 100% self-sustaining and needs nothing else to work
  • It has an ambient sensor, auto-sip detection and movement sensor so Ulla is quite clever

James, the Unforgettable founder explains a little more about Unforgettable:

Dehydration is a massive problem for people with dementia – it’s one of the main causes of hospital admissions. But I know from caring for Mum how difficult it can be to make sure your loved one is drinking enough. There are several different ways to address the problem of dehydration and this little gadget is one of them. I’ve actually had it on my desk for a year testing it…and it works! The idea is that you put it around any glass, mug or bottle and a light will flash or blink every 30 or 40 minutes to remind you to drink. The flashing light may prompt a person with dementia to drink, but it also acts as a reminder to their loved one or carer that they haven’t had enough to drink. This is a simple, low cost way to overcome one of the key challenges of the dementia journey. I think it’s fantastic."

"However, having spoken to hundreds of people since then I realise I wasn't alone at all. Not only do we all experience the same kind of feelings - namely fear, guilt, worry, exhaustion and sadness - we also experience many of the same practical challenges too. That's why I founded Unforgettable and why we've compiled this book for anyone affected by dementia - carers, family members or friends.”


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